Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Location -       crossroads , my life at crossroads
Situation -        2 parallel roads , she smiled , I too
                        Dark chocolate shared , so were Dark secrets
                        Life shared in a Moment

Exaggeration -  It takes a moment for life to change!!
                        It should have ended without an exclamation

Million Frames , FPS should be high to connect the picture
Red lights , Red lights with a siren , Red lights again
Shouted without a sound  , Cried , Shouted again without any sound again
The cars crashed , FPS very low , Should have been low
But with preciseness in memory , It cant be fast
With my worlds crashing , It takes a moment for life to change

Whatever be the speed , I remember the frames
Cars crashed , The smiling Face racing towards  the dashboard , Bang opens the door of O.T
Blood on the ground , Red was the face just like a few frames before , But this time in Blood
On the stretcher , Me racing with the stretcher towards the O.T
The bulb Turns Red , Red again
4 aprons moving again , 2 without a clue , 2 move in giggling

With my World at stake , Mask on , Horrible they look , Beautiful she was
Save her , Bring her back to life , you can be my Demi God
4 masked creatures , Gave the option of Demi God , But they choose to become the Children of Satan
Red light goes off , Slow was their pace , Heads down
" Sorry" , I heard , I cried , Mutely
With my shared Dark secret life turned into darkness , It takes a moment for life to change

A man came rushing in , Saw me in tears of Blood , Hugged me and said  " Sorry"
I slapped him on his Introduction  , His reaction on my Slap confirmed his conviction
With the blood of vengeance rushing in , It takes a moment for life to change

Brother , I lost my Girl and Child
He cried
Smiling she died
I cried
A moment changes the rest of your life